Who are we:

The Company INDUSTRIAL ASSOCIATION, S.L. (ASINSA), was founded in January, 1994, after long years of experience in the sector of the Industrial Diamond. ASINSA makes for the National market and for the market of Exportation, all kinds of diamond wheels , Tools for ceramics and for Diamonds pastes for the polishing of materials. The ASINSA's principal Assets, are our clients and our qualified Personnel, together with a top technology , a specific machinery depot and a few suppliers of quality, faithful to the project.

Infrastructures :

Placed in Centelles town, region of Osona, ASINSA has a surface of 800 m2 for its facilities. Offices, Workshop and Stores fill this site of production to offer a product of Quality destined for the Metal mechanics Industry and to the sharpening of cutting tools for the wood Industry. Disciplined with Quality, concerned with Environment and Labour Risks, we assure ASINSA's future.

The Production :

The wheels in Diamond and Borazon (CBN), the Tools with Natural Diamond and the Pastes for the polishing of materials, are all three principal lines of ASINSA's manufacture. Computer systems Studies of application-press with programmers -lathing in CNC - Optical shaping and grinding and a wide assortment of monitoring tools , assure the quality and the prestige of our company.