Wheels for automatic and Numerical Control Machines (CNC).
•Wheels in catalogue with all the FEPA shapes.
•Special Wheels under plane from diameter 5 to 500.
•Whole range of Wheels for machines of sharpening discs.
•Pivots for rectification of interiors.
•Pivots for sharpening the concave tooth for circular saws.
•Wheels for foreign grinder, either in conventional or in CNC.
•Discs of Channelling and Cut. (Hard metal and HSS).
•Special Wheels to grind compound, Iron + Hard Metal.
•Block of Wheels, for Grinding without Centres. "CENTERLES"
•Wheels for grinding of Estillite.
•Wheels for Stainless Steel or alloys of Stainless Steel.
•Special Tools under plane for grinding of ceramics.
•Service of repairs of Wheels. (If it is possible).
•Outlined of Wheels under client planes.